Western Union Exchange Rate Pakistan Today SAR to PKR

Saudi Arabia’s economic boom attracts every type of professional from all around the world, the flow of remittances are keep increasing the reason Western Union become one the most popular exchange for sending Saudi Riyals. Due to so much acceptability in major banks all across Pakistan, many residents prefer to send money using Western Union. The security of remittance has also remained a crucial factor in using of wester Union more than any other exchange in Saudi Arabia. The exchange rate is according to the market and doesn’t affect the overall sending amount which means the receiver will get more amount even compare to exchange rates.

Western Union latest exchange rates according to Open Market and Local Market Exchange center. With the Latest Exchange rates you can get an approximate value for your Saudi Riyal(SAR) into Pakistani Rupees(PKR). There are many Saudi Based Exchange centers like Fawri bank but WU proves to be a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement.

Western Union Exchange Rate SAR to INR

1 SAR to PKR

From these rates you can easily calculate how much 1000, 100 or 10 SAR Currency Notes are equivalent to Pakistani Currency.

1 Riyal71.02
100 Riyal7,337.21 PKR
500 Riyal36,686.1 PKR
1000 Riyal73,371 PKR

Pakistani Currency(PKR)

  • Introduced on 1947
  • Dominations: Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 1000, and Rs 5000
  • Free Float Currency
  • Other Names Rupaya, Paisa, Rupee, Pak Rupee

Saudi Currency(SAR)

  • Introduced on 1963
  • Dominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 riyals
  • Pegged to the US Dollar
  • Smallest Unit  called as halalah

Western Union in Riyadh

Enjaz Money Exchange

Prince M Bin Abdulaziz St Alsolaymanya, Alsolaimanya , Riyadh Directions
Phone: +966-11-2882540

Umm Al Hamam St Umm Al Hamam District, Landmark Glory Art Mill Shop, Riyadh Directions
Agent | Closed • Until 7:30 AM
Phone: +966-11-2813892

H Bin Abdul Malik St King Fahd Dist, Landmark Hayat Advert Agency, Riyadh Directions
Agent | Closed • Until 7:30 AM
Phone: +966-11-4709730

King Fahd Rd Al Alia District, Landmark Raya Rent A Car, Riyadh Directions
Agent | Closed • Until 7:30 AM
Phone: +966-11-5476363

Olaya Main St Olaya, Landmark Near Arab National Bank, Riyadh Directions
Agent | Closed • Until 7:30 AM
Phone: +966-11-4616629

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