STC Pay Exchange Rate Today India SAR to INR

STC has 4.2 Million Digital wallet users which makes STC pay largest mobile wallet company in the Middle East. Due to the latest innovations in Fintech technologies, people now make transactions easier than ever before even they don’t need to move a bit. The STC pay is popular among many Indians living in Saudi Arabia, the digital wallet also has partnerships with Mobile wallets in India, which make transactions more direct and reliable.

STC Pay exchange rates according to Open Market and Local Market Exchange center. With the Latest Exchange rates you can get an approximate value for your Saudi Riyal(SAR) into Indian Rupees(INR).

STC Pay Exchange SAR to INR

From these rates you can easily calculate how much 1000, 100 or 10 SAR Currency Notes are equivalent to Indian Currency.

1 Riyal21.85
100 Riyal2,112.68
500 Riyal10,563.39
1000 Riyal21,126.78

STC Pay Mobile Wallet

Saudi mobile wallet Stc Pay, a subsidiary of Suadi Telecom Company (STC), recently got $200 million from Western Union at an estimated $1,33 billion. As a result of the deal, the international money transfer giant took a 15 percent stake in STC Pay. STC’s appraisal made Stc Pay the first unicorn in Saudi Arabia.

Indian Currency(PKR)

  • Introduced in the 1870s
  • Denominations: ₹1, ₹2, ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, ₹2000
  • Free Float Currency
  • Other Names Rupaya, Paisa, Rupee, Indian Rupee

Saudi Currency(SAR)

  • Introduced on 1963
  • Denominations : 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 riyals
  • Pegged to the US Dollar
  • Smallest Unit  called halalah

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