LuLu Exchange will Open 7 branches in Bahrain by the end of 2021

Lulu International Exchange opened its newest branch in the Ramli complex on Wednesday (January 13, 2020), bringing the number of its branches in Bahrain to 14 branches, at a time when it revealed the opening of two additional branches during the current year.

“We are planning to open a new branch in the Dana complex in Sanabis in the coming months,” said the General Manager, Sudesh Kumar. “We seek to create greater communication with customers by expanding our network of branches in Bahrain in order to provide all the most convenient ways for them to use our services.” Our customers always acknowledge the level of our efforts and welcome our initiatives. This recognition inspires us to provide the best services, improved products and promotions. ”

Learn More About New Branches

Sudish said in statements to the media that Lulu International Exchange is currently looking for new locations for a branch, while he talked about the impact of remittances during the past year due to the spread of the Corona pandemic in countries of the world.

He pointed out that the company seeks to increase its market share by expanding its presence in all regions of the Kingdom. The company’s branches are distributed in Al-Zinj, Umm Al-Hassam, Al-Salmaniya, Al-Qudhaibiya, Al-Hadd, Al-Manama, Al-Muharraq, Sheikh Isa Al-Kabeer Street, and two branches in Al-Riffa.

It is noteworthy that Lulu International Exchange, a money transfer and foreign exchange services company, started its operations in the Kingdom in October 2013. The new branch complements the efforts of LuLu Exchange, which seeks to enhance its presence in potential markets and provide its services more closely to customers.

Sudish added that “LuLu International Exchange is continuing its efforts to increase its market share by expanding its presence throughout the Kingdom, reaching new areas and allowing a wider segment of the population to access its global financial services,” adding: “Opening new branches demonstrates our confidence in the potential for growth. In the Kingdom of Bahrain, at a time that is the driving force for our expansion program, which is being implemented through a strategy of providing high-level financial services that can be easily accessed through a wide national network. ”


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