Fawri bank Latest Exchange rate today India SAR to INR

Fawri Bank exchange rates according to Open Market and Local Market Exchange center. With the Latest Exchange rates you can get an approximate value for your Saudi Riyal(SAR) into Indian Rupees(INR).

Many of India’s largest and most innovative banks, has entered into an agreement with leading Saudi financial institution Bank Al Jazira (Fawri) to facilitate remittances to Indian beneficiaries.

Currency rates can change after 24 hours so these rates are variable and can change anytime.

Fawri bank Exchange SAR to INR

From these rates you can easily calculate how much 1000, 100 or 10 SAR Currency Notes are equivalent to Indian Currency.

1 Riyal21.85
100 Riyal2,112.68
500 Riyal10,563.39
1000 Riyal21,126.78

Fawri Bank Money Transfer Service

Fawri Money transfer service is a vital aspect of the Bank Al Jazira Remittance Division and provides transfers across Saudi Arabia through various methods including local transactions.

Fawri links with worldwide top banks through a network of more than 200 countries to make it easier to send money between the expatriate population of their countries of origin and other nations in Saudi Arabia.


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