Al Fardan Exchange Rate Today Pakistani Rupees AED to PKR

UAE Dirham(AED) to Pakistani Rupees(PKR) Latest Exchange Rate Today at Al Fardan Exchange Center, UAE. Al Fardan Group Founded in 1954 at that time much of their business revolves around sea trade, fishing, and pearl trading. With years of solid background in financial services, real estate,  Gold jewelry, and sea trading, Al Fardan Exchange has its own values, credibility, reliability, and security.

Al Fardan Exchange moving money since its inception in 1971, supporting local economies as well as people who build UAE. Al Fardan Exchange remits millions of Dirhams hard-earned by expatriates to their home countries. People who go back to their homes remember Al Fardan as a part of their life while staying in the Emirates.

Money Exchange and Financial Services Provided by Al Fardan Exchange:

  • Money Transfer
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Online Remittance
  • Travelex Prepaid Cards
  • Payroll Services
  • Credit Card Payment Integration

Trust Al Fardan Exchange to furnish you with amazing exchange rates on every single currency in the world. We have practical experience in both little and huge exchanges of currencies. Take advantage of your cash to meet your own or corporate budgetary trade needs.

Al Fardan Exchange Rate Today Pakistani Rupees


Your brilliant smart device or a PC with functioning internet access is all you have to send cash to friends and family at your own comfort. Our coordinated online system stage gives you the adaptability and availability to move hard-earned Dirhams safely, any place you are, at whatever point you need.

Today Latest Exchange Rates of Dirham to Pakistani Rupees at Al Ansari Exchange Center

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