Al Fardan Exchange Rate Today Indian Rupees AED to INR

Al Fardan Exchange center strives to give you the highest competitive rates for your Dirhams. Get live exchange rates of Al Fardan Exchange center from UAE Dirhams to Indian Rupees just in seconds. Install our Ajj Currency Application to get instant rates of currencies given by the award-winning and top exchange centers of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Al Fardan provides the most out of your money to meet your personal or corporate financial exchange needs.

Alfardan Exchange.. Keep pace with your financial ambitions since 1971. Must try our Al Fardan Exchange currency converter tool, available on Playstore Install right on your smartphone. Know the best Al Fardan Exchange offers competitive rates for money exchange at all its branches. Al Fardan offers easy and fast secure payments to complete your business transactions with your partners in India. Choose from our wide array of services: money transfers,  online remittances, foreign exchange, travel cards, VAS, and payroll services across the UAE. For more details, visit any of the branches of Alfardan for exchange spread across the UAE!

AED to INR at Al Fardan Exchange

Today Latest Exchange Rates of Indian Rupees at Al Bader Exchange Center visit our website for updated rates.

Al Fardan Exchange Services

Money Transfer

Send money across the globe using Al Fardan Door to Door Services, Direct to Bank Account, Cash Pick Up, Credit to Mobile Wallet, and Online Remittance.

Foreign Exchange

Get competing exchange rates for your valuable earning, Al Fardan supports all international currencies including PKR, INR, PHP, NPR, BDT and US Dollars.

Value-Added Services

Pay your mobile top-ups, utility bills, credit card payments, and much more with Al fardan implied Value-added Payment Solutions. Enjoy fast payments for Airline tickets, Bank Deposits, and Saving Schemes.

Prepaid Cards

Travlez Plus Platinum Visa and Travlez Plus Classic

WPS & Payroll Service

Al Fardan Launches its WPS compliant payroll card system in November 2009 for Corporate customers, WPS system is designed to fulfill salary payments and withdrawal needs of large enterprises, small businesses, organization as well as contractors.

WU Money Transfer

Al fardan supports Western Union for sending and receiving money simply register with western union and send or receive money. Collect it from any Al Fardan Exchange center Branches.

Al Fardan Exchange Tackling insecurity

Security and trust are often hard to find at the start of a change process. Especially when a bunch of external advisers suddenly step into a department, colleagues who have been working there for years sometimes want to get suspicious. “Oh, aren’t we good enough to solve this ourselves?” Sometimes a ‘dream situation’ is outlined as the ultimate goal, which for many feels like an impossible mission. Change processes are also regularly (directly or indirectly) linked to cutbacks or reorganisations, which does not exactly increase confidence among employees.

Al Fardan Exchange communication

An important way to reduce this inconvenience lies in communication. If there is insecurity or a lack of trust in a department, that situation deserves full attention. You make the difference in your way of speaking as a colleague, manager or change coach. Van Kooten-Satter quotes scientist Amy Edmonson here. He gives three tips to promote ‘daring’:

Refer to work as a challenge to learn, not a challenge to accomplish.
Acknowledge your own imperfection: you fail too.
Be curious and ask a lot of questions.
From performance to learning
With this approach, other conversations start. By placing less emphasis on performance, the change process does not immediately feel like a cold settlement of years of hard work. ‘We can still learn a lot’ simply sounds less confrontational than ‘It will all have to be considerably better’.

Al Fardan Exchange Indian Rates

By showing your own vulnerability, you invite the other to do the same. This is how you start the conversation from a common ground. From there you can talk more easily about the difficult mission that lies ahead, which you will take on together. By trial and error.

Interest makes you involved

By asking a series of questions out of genuine interest, you show that you want to hear someone’s voice. By subsequently including this input in the decision-making process, you show that you value someone’s opinion. That person will feel more involved in the eventual change.

Even if your opinions do not agree, even if you know there is resistance: keep talking, keep trying to understand each other. And remember, ‘Agree to disagree’ is sometimes a powerful way to take the sting out of a conflict.


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